Know types of video game companies

DoubleDown Interactive makes classic video game companies —everything from blackjack and slots to poker and roulette—for social and mobile platforms. The International District-based company is beat on employee perks, too, including on-site massage therapy and trips to Mariners games.This on-the-rise mobile gaming developer prioritizes easy-to-grasp gameplay, colorful graphics, fit-for-all-ages narratives and just-so degrees of familiarity—think puzzles and platforms.

Years before the good Pokémon GO scare of 2016, this geocaching pioneer was already getting gamers outside and GPS-scavenging for treasure. Groundspeak has also nurtured a strong network of forums, events and even environmental outreach, encouraging responsible play.Led by their ever-popular and evergreen Nancy Drew series that has connected across multiple generations, Her Interactive makes games for women with budding inner sleuths. Her helped shatter the canard that video game companies were only for boys, and has carried the loyalty it’s developed over the decades into the contemporary gaming environment, expanding beyond the desktop.

After leveraging success from Half-Life expansion packs into their own hit franchises Brothers in Arms and Borderlands, Gearbox has not only navigated the ever-shifting waters of the gaming industry for 20-plus years, they’ve remained forward-thinking. Case in point: the impressively complex 2016 first-person shooter Battleborn.Famous within the video game companies market, PopCap made its mark with the once-ubiquitous tile-matching Bejeweled series — which, consistent with its makers, once racked up a purchase every 4.3 seconds and has sold in more than 50 million units. After a post-Plants vs. Zombies acquisition by EA, the developer (which began inside a modest Seattle apartment) remains focused on breezy, grab-and-play fun.

It’s not a video game companies intrinsically , but few outfits are as inextricable from the gaming landscape as streaming platform Twitch. The go-to broadcasting choice for the e-sports community and other gamers, the video platform-meets-social community was acquired by Amazon in 2014 and (per the company) attracts quite 10 million monthly visitors.This three-decade-plus-old powerhouse became a household name on the strength of pioneering RPG series The Elder Scrolls, which boasts worlds so intricate that they necessitated the creation of a “loremaster” job role. the corporate has expanded into almost every other genre since then, including sports games, video game companies , shooters and beyond.

Even the foremost video game companies are likely conversant in legacy id titles like Wolfenstein 3D (perhaps the ne plus ultra of RPG), DOOM (which helped inaugurate the fashionable multiplayer model) and QUAKE—all of which revolutionized what a PC game might be . the corporate also pioneered the shareware distribution model. Bungie has grown from self-described “creepy one bedroom apartment” origins to become deserve a famous scoop-up by Microsoft. the main tech company acquired the corporate in 2000 and launched the Xbox console with the studio’s mega-hit Halo: Combat Evolved. within the span of just a couple of years, Bungie left Microsoft, then split from a subsequent Activision partnership and returned to its independent roots.

Holding a number of the foremost prime IP this side of Marvel under its umbrella has proven a sound business strategy for this major entertainment company. the sport division of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc. operates hit franchises like Mortal Kombat, which is headed up by Chicago-based subsidiary NetherRealm Studios, and Batman: Arkham, which was launched by London-based wing Rocksteady Studios. Expect upcoming Harry Potter and video game companies titles to hold on the conquest.

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